About Jyoti's Kitchen:
Myself Jyoti Singh, I was born in North India, my mother is an excellent cook and  as a child and young adult, I helped her in the kitchen and so learned to cook delicious, healthy food with just a few spices and herbs in order not to compromise the taste. I enjoyed cooking with my mom. Now a days, cooking is my hobby and passion.

About this website:
After I got married and moved to the United States from India, I used to cook a lot for my hubby and he used to take lunch from home. His colleagues use to ask him for my recipes. So I decided to start my very own website where I can share my recipes. 

I am sharing my recipes here on my website www.jyotiskitchen.com for simple, easy and fun-filled cooking. Beginner can also make exotic, flavorful and authentic dishes easily. Cooking is not complicated, it's an art and it takes an effort to master it. So enjoy the journey of cooking with me.